Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: J and C and their Downtown Cincinnati Proposal

[when she eventually spotted me spying from some shrubs :)]

some impromptu engagement photos following the big question…

[*sigh*…. one of my favorites]
[these are two more of my favorites…*sigh* again…. ]

This evening presented a ton of new challenges for me –
running and trying to not get spotted (aka, brushing up on my ninja skills),
being as subtle as an elephant hiding behind a flagpole,
figuring out how to balance a fast enough shutter speed while still maintaining correct exposure,
attempting to take steady photos while being out of breath from running from nerves…
…so much about this evening was new and exciting, from a personal standpoint, as well as a professional.
And I am so happy I was a part of it!

J and C –
You guys already know it, but I’m so thankful for you both.
Thank you for including me, J. You have no idea how much it means.

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