Cincinnati Wedding Photographer | Brian and Amanda

Brian and Amanda’s wedding day.
It was oh so wonderful.

I love these two pictures… just breathe through the nerves, Brian!

So, I was trying to think of a word to use to describe how hot tamale Brian looks
because I always seem to use the same ol’ words again and again.
I turned to the handy thesaurus for some help, just to get the gears working in my brain.
Want to know the helpful synonym I found?
“downright neighborly”
Yes, downright neighborly.
My oh my, Brian,
you are looking so very downright neighborly!
Wowwowwow… STUNNING.

I would typically avoid the spotty shadows that this tree was throwing,
but I think they make Amanda look like she belongs in a fairy tale. Just breathtaking.

Again, I feel like she looks like something out of a story book. SO beautiful!

And this reaction?
That is a winner. He was completely captivated.

These two were smiling and laughing ALL day. It was so much fun to watch.
But, who can blame them –
I think the following photos give a pretty good depiction of their awesome personalities!

Then it was gettin’ married time…

Seriously, always laughing. SO. MUCH. FUN!

And, oh my goodness, Amanda’s dad had everyone laughing so hard.

Brian’s best friend is in the Air Force and couldn’t be at the wedding,
so his beautiful and sweet mom carried him around via FaceTime during the day’s events.
Is that not the best?!
Mr. and Mrs. S…
I can’t even tell you how happy and how thankful I was to be a part of this PERFECT day!
You are two of the happiest and sweetest people I know – I am so blessed!!!

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  1. Amazingly awesome! I LOVE the one of her coming down the steps for the “first look”! His face is priceless! Her bouquet is beautiful! I loved the splash of blue! And the one of Joetta is a priceless memory! Wonderfully done!

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