Cincinnati/Kansas City Family Photographer:: a beautiful group of people

Before moving to Kansas, the family photography side of my business wasn’t a large one.
Mainly because I didn’t push too hard to do these photos –
I didn’t advertise them, and, frankly, I charged a higher $ to prevent an abundance of these sessions.
They just weren’t something that fit my style, and they weren’t that enjoyable for me. :-|
HOWEVER… since moving, I am LOVING this side of my business!
I call myself a lifestyle photographer – photographing things as they happen.
Photographing life.
I still do posed photos – everyone needs a good posed family portrait.
However, I focus on and very much enjoy seeing people laugh and be themselves,
and those are the photographs I want to take for you.
And those are the photographs the great people of Kansas want. :)  YAY!

This last photo is the IT photo.
I would do almost anything to have a photo like this of my grandparents.
It’s beautiful, and this is why I am loving family photos in Kansas. :)

To this family::
Thank you for helping me find my way here in this new, unfamiliar place.
I loved photographing all of you – you are great, amazing people. I am so very thankful.

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