coffee wins everytime

I woke up this morning and begin preparing for today’s  
                             wedding celebration,
and I made it about an hour in before I had to do it.
I had to make myself a dern cup of coffee.
It’s not that I’m trying to “quit” caffeine – to even type that phrase
                                         is comical.                        
I just thought that maybe – maaaaaaybe – I could get through a morning without it.
But I could hear the strange looking Starbucks lady mock me from the bag inside my cupboard.
And then I saw my lonely mug, sitting and waiting.
So, I caved. I mean it was for the greater good of my coffee mug, people!
                                                       [the greater good]  
                              (please tell me if you know what that is from)
Yes, I caved. And it was so worth it.

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