2015, you exhausted us. Well, at least, me.

I think I felt the happiest I can remember ever feeling, but also, maybe the saddest that I’ve ever felt. It’s crazy how you managed to squeeze so much emotion into 365 days. We left some of our dearest friends in Kansas City, which broke our hearts, but you made up for that hurt when we found some amazing people here in New Albany to add to our list of people we can’t live without. We also loved the new opportunities to spend with some of our dearest family and friends – the move back to the land of our hearts was a big, emotional to-do, but you’ve made up for it in big, emotional ways.

As excited as we were to have you here, we are even more excited to see you go. Not because you aren’t worth keeping around, but because your pal, 2016, is promising to outdo you in big ways.

So, dear 2015, you’ve been a sneaky little devil, with all of your ups and downs that we didn’t see coming, and I bid you farewell.

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