Father’s Day and Facebook Stuff


Have you liked my Facebook page??
If you haven’t, go here, and click “Like.”
If you have, well thank you.
But now I need you to do something else….
Sometimes, I think Facebook hates all things good, and they keep making things complicated.
Anyway, do me a favor…
1. Go to Meagan White Photo (facebook.com/meaganwhitephoto)
2. “Like” the page if you haven’t
3. Hover over the “Like” icon button
4. A drop-down menu should appear
5. Click “Show in My News Feed”
This will ensure you see all things wonderful from me. :)
I’ve given away sessions and prints before, and my facebookies always find out about those wonderful things, first.
So be one of them!
In other news, it’s Faaaatherrrr’s Daaaaay!!
I love this day because I looove my dad.
He’s a pretty cool guy. :)

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