Kansas City Children’s Photographer:: Blythe is ONE!!

It’s really not fair, I know, but what can I do to help it?

And it’s not like I would change it… I mean, would YOU?

Yes, yes, I know that I have all of the world’s
cutest babies in my life,
but I’m sure you know some that are almost as cute. :)

But I know. It’s not fair. I’m way too blessed.
And I love every bit of it.

Especially since it means I get to spend time photographing this perfect little person!!!

I absolutely love my friends, from the deepest parts of my heart.
I am honored when they ask me to help them capture memories like first birthdays.
(by the way… the phrase, “capture memories” is SO not a phrase I use…. help me come up with something else, please?)
I know. She’s absolutely beautiful. It’s ridiculous.
She’s entirely too much.
And I love her to pieces.

Ok, seriously. I love this kid.
I love that I am around to be a part of this time in her life.
We left a lot of people we are very close to when we moved to Kansas,
and I left little ones who melt my heart into puddles all. of. the. time.

But, getting to watch this little one TURN ONE (what the heck)
makes it all a little easier. :)

And, the fact that I can’t get enough of her parents definitely helps.

I have no words. You three are the most perfect. Ever. And we love you. Dearly.
Happy Birthday, Blythe!!!

5 thoughts on “Kansas City Children’s Photographer:: Blythe is ONE!!

  1. These are so beautiful they almost make me teary!! But then again I am pregnant, and she’s my one and only niece, so…can you blame me? Seriously Megan, you do AMAZING work!

  2. Look at Kali up there– crying and saying “Megan” like that’s even your name…sheesh! ;)

    But umm..I may have teared up too, MEAGAN.

    Seriously- you are so talented and so fun to work with: hear that people in the area?! TALENTED AND FUN TO WORK WITH!! Even if my child were ugly, I think you would have made her look beautiful [is that okay to say?]

    As for the “capturing memories” phrase– I think what you do is you take a moment in time and you put it in a bottle and seal the lid. Then you give that sealed bottle to your clients, who become your friends by the time you’re done with them. And by giving them that bottle you give them that little slice of life inside of it too, and they get to live it over and over and over because of the beauty and realness you have trapped inside for them.

  3. @Kali – you are SO sweet, and I can’t wait to photograph you and your family one day. I’m not even giving you a choice. :)

    @Kelsey – OH MY GOSH, you are perfect for me. :) haha, I LOVE what you said there. Perfect perfect. I’m using that in the future. and it’s ok to hypothetically talk about an ugly child of yours because it is something that will NEVER HAPPEN. I mean, have you seen yourself and your husband? hello BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

  4. MEAGAN! Sorry! I hesitated when I wrote that to begin with! And I will gladly let you photograph my non-photogenic family anytime ;-) Kelsey can backup that statement.

  5. Hi Meagan! This is Kelsey’s and Kali’s Aunt Linda from Orange City, IA. I am blown away by your photography – just beautiful! Of course, I’m a bit biased when it comes to your subject! Thanks for starting off my day with a smile!

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