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Being a Louisville birth photographer and awaiting the phone call leaves me bursting with anticipation… maybe even more anticipation than when I was actually awaiting my own delivery. When Taylor texted me to let me know she was heading to The University of Louisville hospital, she also mentioned that it was very unlikely that she was actually in labor. Her due date was weeks away, and she had just been to an appointment where there were no signs that baby Ava would be on her way anytime soon.

You guys, that’s probably the most accurate description of labor and delivery. You can never plan for it, and you can never expect it. Babies just make their own way in their own time, which is what Ava did.

Taylor was admitted and delivery was imminent. And I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. Her incredible support came from family and her husband, Parker – he was one of the most attentive husbands and fathers I’ve seen. In between her contractions, this momma was all smiles.  This is Joanie, Taylor’s extraordinary midwife. UofL is one of only two local hospitals (that I know of) with midwives available, and without a doubt, Joanie is one of the best. You guys. Birth is incredible to witness every. single.time.  This is the look of absolute joy.

I have so many beautifully detailed and incredible images for this momma to explore (of course, I’m not going to share those here), but I hope that some of her favorites are these. To me, these are the photos that show what a perfect experience this was. She had a successful VBAC, and it was an honor to photograph it. Ava:: you are such a sweet and gentle girl – it was a privilege to photograph your big entrance into the world.

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  1. Beautiful photos of this precious little angel that I have the privilege of calling my great granddaughter. Welcome to the world Ava Lee and Congratulations to Taylor, Parker, and Big Sissy Ella!
    Love, Manaw, Papaw, and Aunt Carla

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