Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer | Fresh 48 Photography | Elijah

I was beside myself with excitement to shoot this Fresh 48 photography session – this sweet momma wanted to focus on big sister, Ella Kate, meeting this little one. It was a beautiful introduction at Norton Women’s hospital. It was beautiful, and I was so privileged to be there. She was apprehensive at first, like most new siblings are, but she quickly warmed up and loved on him in a way that only a big sister can. After falling in love with him, she was so excited to share him with the rest of the family. If I’m remembering correctly, it went a little something like, “come on, we had a baby!” Then, when asked if he looked anything like her, “yeah!! he looks like me!” Everyone in the waiting area was giggling at her pride in her new baby brother.
Ella Kate was so excited to share her stickers, her dolls, and anything else she could find in her backpack full of goodies. She was loving on this boy in a big way, and it was the sweetest thing to see.
Taking pictures of baby brother… Playing hide and seek with dad…
Waldridge family::
THANK YOU. It really was a gift to be there for this day. Thank you for asking me and for allowing me in for such a special introduction. Congrats on two beautiful babies. :)

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