Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Hendrich Family

What better gift is there for a mom than photos of her babies? I think this crew had the best idea for their mom for Mother’s Day, and I was excited to help them out with it.
I absolutely love how she adores her baby brother! Oh my gosh, this guy and that heartbreaking stare! This fellow is the same age as my Winnie, and I could have just eaten him up, he was so sweet.  To know Robin and Kevin is to know two things: they are incredibly beautiful people (I mean, look at that photo below), and they are 100% adorable and goofy together (the photo above is so THEM!).Hendrichs:: THANK YOU! Thank you for having me! This was so much fun, and I adore you all. Not to mention, you have CRAZY CUTE KIDS, OH MY GOSH!

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