Louisville Children’s Photographer – this kid is ONE!

Yes, that title is familiarbut those last photos were in preparation of his big O-N-E, and these next photos are of this ACTUAL one year old … *cue the “you’re growing up too fast” tears*.

I can’t get over how fast a year can go by. From this to the photos below in the LITERAL blink of an eye. Excuse me while I go sob in the corner. And let’s not even talk about what I’m going to do when my own baby has her first birthday. (I’m purchasing stock in Kleenex in preparation.)

jonah one  004 Jonah 005 Jonah 006Jonah 008 Jonah 024 Jonah 022 Jonah 021 Jonah 020 Jonah 012 Jonah 011

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