Southern Indiana and Louisville Newborn Photographer | Isaiah

This family is no stranger to being in front of my camera (I don’t usually leave them with a choice), so it was only right to introduce this little guy to his favorite auntie who also happens to be his newborn photographer. :) I have photographed many people in many circumstances, and we shot his portraits on a busy day with a houseful of our favorite people, including two toddlers and two dogs running around. But, in the quick window we had to shoot, Isaiah was a perfect little model (was there ever any doubt?). Here, he can be seen telling me how much he loves me and can’t wait to have control of his arms so that he can give me all the hugs for the rest of forever. Or something like that. :) Little man, you have no idea how loved you are. Or how often I will be in your face, taking your photo. However, I think you’ll come to terms with both of these facts. :)

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