Oh, My Winnie… four years with you

4 years

Four. How is it possible to be here already? But I am so thankful for every day with this girl.

She is a firecracker. She has grown and changed in the biggest ways this year. Her vocabulary is so big, and her personality is even bigger. Last year, when she turned three, I had no idea what this next year had in store. I had just found out I was pregnant, and I was exhausted from the way 2019 was unfolding. Who knew a pandemic was around the corner, and everything we were expecting in 2020 was about to change.

But, in true Winnie fashion, this girl rolled with each and every hiccup along the way. Our hope and vision of her meeting her new, long-awaited brother was dashed by Covid. But her excitement was next level when we brought him home to her. She has stepped into her new role with grace and without missing a beat.

She has learned SO many things this year. She loves to play what we call “the letter game,” and I can almost see her little brain growing every day. As much as it breaks this momma’s heart to hear her lose her “babyisms” (I keep a note in my phone so that I’ll always remember things like ‘hiccing up’ (hiccuping) and ‘being tend’ (pretend)), it’s a peek into the next season of long conversations with my big girl about the things she loves the most.

She loves all things “sweet treats,” and she also loves to drink my “sparkly water.” She has grown her love of puzzles to include 100+ pieces that she completes with ease. She’s also entered the world of being a total girly-girl with her love of makeup, unicorns, and barbies. She also loves her babies (stuffed animals) and has affectionately named each of them (and we don’t dare get their names wrong 😂).

Her third birthday was such a special time for us, even though I was sad to see her lose the last of her babyness. Little did I know how much more I would love this girl as she keeps growing. She is the embodiment of sparkle and excitement and joy. She is a constant reminder that my greatest work will be her and Archie. She regularly reminds me when I say or do something that “we’re not supposed to do.” 😬😂

Last year, I said these words: We will never be sad to see her grow up, even if we wish we could sit in these moments with her just a little longer. And I still mean that, every day. She is such a gift, but we never want to forget that she is only ours for a short time. Our job is to disciple and raise her to be a kingdom worker, and our prayer is for that every day.

We absolutely adore this sweet baby of ours. She is more than we ever knew we needed. And it is the purest and sweetest privilege to call her ours.

Happy birthday to our best girl – you will always be our brightest sunshine.

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