Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Sam and Liz, Lisse Restaurant Proposal Photography

Being a proposal photographer is so much fun and always exciting. I get to meet the best people, hang out in the coolest places, and see some of the most beautiful moments take place. This Lisse Restaurant proposal was no exception to all of those things. My favorite part of this night could easily have been the twinkle lights or the restaurant aesthetic or Mark, the host who helped make all of this possible. But I think it’s easy to see why it was Sam and Liz and how perfect they are together.

Every proposal is a favorite of mine because every groom-to-be puts so much thought into the details. But I especially love ones like this one – Sam and I worked so well as a team to make sure we chose a location that was perfect for the two of them but also lit beautifully, and that made all of the difference.

Sam and Liz, CONGRATULATIONS. I couldn’t have picked a better way to kick off New Year’s Eve. You two were so much fun and incredible to photograph!!

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