Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Andrew and Melanie’s Purple People Bridge Proposal

When Andrew and I originally chatted about his proposal to Melanie, we planned for a Spring day in March on the Purple People Bridge. I envisioned a bridge full of people enjoying the weather – people I could easily blend in with, maintaining my proposal photographer anonymity. However, in true Cincinnati fashion, the Spring weather turned into buckets of snow within hours and all of those imagined people were warmly tucked away indoors, leaving the bridge empty and my anonymity harder to come by.(can you see them in the photo above? it’s like a game of “I Spy.”)

I think I could have been dressed in neon and dancing around, and these two still wouldn’t have noticed me. That’s what happens when you’re in love. They only had eyes for each other. These are always some of my favorites… the instant when she sees the girl with the camera. Andrew surprised Melanie with the sweetest gift, along with a beautiful ring. This lock has both the date of their first date, as well as the date of their proposal (which is how she realized what was about to happen as he got down on one knee). Every proposal is followed by a mini-engagement session – it’s a chance to revel in what just happened while having it all documented in photographs. 


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