just wait

Through pregnancy and this first year of parenting, we’ve heard a lot of advice and cautionary tales, warning us of what to expect. Seasoned paroents sharing stories, attempting to vet us and prepare us, I suppose. However, it did everything but prepare us, and in the end, it left us questioning why these “been there, […]


2016, you were a trip. We had a rough start (thanks to morning sickness), but the most beautiful ending. We’ve never been happier. You were the longest year (I think I was pregnant for 900 months), but also the shortest year (how did I become a momma SO FAST??). You were an emotionally exhausting 12 […]


2015, you exhausted us. Well, at least, me. I think I felt the happiest I can remember ever feeling, but also, maybe the saddest that I’ve ever felt. It’s crazy how you managed to squeeze so much emotion into 365 days. We left some of our dearest friends in Kansas City, which broke our hearts, […]


We started 2014 completely differently than we had any other year – apart. I was celebrating with family in the correct timezone, and the boss was on the couch in Kansas, most likely engulfed in a Netflix original. Needless to say, 2014 wasn’t our biggest beginning. But that’s because it saved all of its excitement for the […]

the glorification of busy

    Last year, one of my favorite people gifted me with a coffee cup that was inscribed with a longtime favorite statement of mine. “Stop the glorification of busy.” I absolutely don’t want to glorify or celebrate being busy – it’s not really something I want to be or like to be. At just about […]


2013, you were an intense year. You didn’t come in quietly – between celebrating your arrival with friends and then moving hours and hours away within days of you showing up, you shouted your way into our lives. And you didn’t stop with those beginnings. You kept the life change and life lessons coming. You […]

Going Home

I spent an incredible week back in the place of my roots earlier this month, and it was exactly what my soul and spirit needed. I’ve been in a pretty heavy season of growth and change, and it’s one of those rare times where I know it’s happening. What’s typical (for me) is to feel […]