“I more than love you, I’m not whole without you. You are life itself to me.” We’ve been married for 12 years today. Twelve years ago, we stood, facing each other, holding hands, and we promised each other forever. We were babies. Just kids. Unprepared, naive, and so unaware of what the next chapter of […]


“I was crazy about you then and now the craziest thing of all, over ten years have gone by and you’re still mine…” Marrying you 11 years ago was the second best decision I’ve ever made. The number one best decision I’ve made is saying yes to you every day since. For ten years, I’ve […]

I’ll never get enough

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet,  I know I will tomorrow. -leo christopher I’ve said it every year that I’ve had the privilege to celebrate you – there will never be words. You are more than I’ve ever been deserving of, and to love and celebrate you […]


10 … “We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Poe I wish I had original words to say what my heart feels, but as cliche as it is, I don’t. These past ten years have been more than I would have ever expected or imagined, and I am more and more thankful […]


9 years with you. This 9th year has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE. But we both know it’s been so much more than that. There isn’t a word to accurately say it; there isn’t a way to accurately describe it. 9 years ago, I stood, holding your hands, committing to a life I would have never […]

happy day, to my fave

For your birthday, I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to come up with any words. But I can’t… they don’t exist. At least, not yet. Maybe, one day, when we’re gone, someone great will pen what was ours. This life we share, maybe it will be written down, and then, new words will describe the way […]


The word EIGHT. It just doesn’t do it justice. Year 8 was HUGE. So big. We moved (story of our lives, quite literally). We found family we didn’t know we were missing. We grew appreciation we didn’t know we didn’t have. We BOUGHT A HOUSE. A HOUSE. We loved each other fiercely. We loved on […]


Lucky number 7. 7 days in a week 7 wonders of the world 7 continents in the sea 7 colors in a rainbow 7, as in Seven Costanza 7 spots on a ladybug 7 digits in a phone number 7 stars in the Big Dipper 7. This year is year 7. Year 7, and life […]


my heart is full. I have just had three-ish of the BEST DAYS EVER. Remember the baby that pretty much changed my life but I hadn’t had a chance to meet? WE MET HER, AND IT WAS AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE! Meeting her was a double blessing – obviously because I can’t contain how much I love […]


Me: Hey, you’re pretty cool. SW: [kind of chuckles, nods head] Yeah. Me: …….. Me: I mean, I like you, you’re pretty cool. SW: [looks at me, smiles, goes back to whatever it is he was doing] Me: ….. !!!!!!! …….. Me: um, HELLO?! SW: [alarmed, now, jumps away all of my crazy] What?! What […]

My Guy

my guy. so cute. seriously. I thought I’d write you a sweet, loving little something, but the thing is, you’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard how I love you to death.                                     how I couldn’t do life without you.                                                                    how you are more than I could ever ask for or deserve. yada, […]


it’s really not a big number it’s only half of 10 and 10 is really only a big deal when you are 9 years old 5 it’s now OUR number year one:  we had no idea what we were doing. we rented an apartment, and just lived day-to-day. no plan, no agenda, and no budget […]

Installment 6: new beginnings

He missed me. Huh….. Well, good for him because                   I MISSED HIM LIKE CRAZY. So, when he sent me that email that said he wanted to talk about trying to work things out, I almost jumped out of my chair. We talked. We apologized. We reconciled. Aaaaaand, we were dating. Again.                             Oh, young […]

Installment 5: dating machine

The first time I ever actually went somewhere with my new boyfriend was after the Parent Night band performance. We had been dating for a few weeks, and, up until this point, all of our “dates” had been band performances. We’d ride to and from the performances on the bus together, hang out with each other in […]

Installment 2: go away

I was in band.               And I [thought I] hated band. I wanted so badly to quit, but no one would let me. I tried everrrrrything. And all to no avail. Being a member of band meant… (cue horror-themed music) BAND CAMP. And as much as I hated band, I dreaded band camp even more. It […]


Last year, for our anniversary, I wrote our love story out on paper for the first time. I really enjoyed reliving all the little moments that brought us to be who we are now. I always meant to post it in blog-world for others to read, but I never found a good enough time to […]