this is what love looks like, pt II

Taken from Calla’s homecoming celebration announcement… “Calla’s vision is one of color and sparkle, glitter and glam, so please expect nothing less as we honor her beautiful heart and praise God for the forever impact she has made on each of us.”

Calla, sweet girl, I think your vision was accomplished.

This day was one of extreme grief, but also, it was a celebration of Calla’s rescue and homecoming. “HE is the one who rescued her when no one else could.” (words from Calla’s daddy)

Yes, that is a giant balloon unicorn… if you ask me, there really is no better way to celebrate. :)

“This is what love looks like.” This is a statement I have heard Ben and Crystal say again and again. When you see the beauty and the details that volunteers put into this service… that is what love looks like. When you see this sanctuary packed with people there who are leaning into this pain with the Woods family… that is what love looks like. When you see lives being changed, people living in love with Jesus because of the impact of Calla’s love for Him… THAT is what love looks like.

“She is more alive than any of us left here…Jesus is the only one I could ever ever leave my Calla with.”

more of this story can be found here

Posted by Team Woods Updates on Friday, July 19, 2019

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