WOW. an amazing year.

this year has been

and I really can’t thank all of you enough!

I’ll be honest. When I started this year, I had low expectations,
                                                         and every shoot I booked exceeded all of them!

You all are awesome. Thank you for your support, your encouragement.
                                                     [and, if you are featured below, thank you even more. :)
                                                              if you aren’t featured, LET’S FIX THAT!]

obviously, this isn’t a picture I took.
but this is a picture from 01/01/2011 – the first day of a very good year.
Onto a recap of an amazing year full of amazing people… 




Yes. Yes, 2011 has been fun. :)
Happy New Year!
[if you’re interested in last year’s “wrap-up”, click here]

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